Why do People use Avatars as their Profile Picture on Dating Sites?

Hookup dating sites are becoming more and more advanced, offering many exciting features. Long gone are the times when people went out to meet somebody, because now everything is done through the help of internet. Today you can easily get in touch with someone and arrange a date by making a few clicks online. All people that are shy, or want to avoid socially awkward situations, should think about opening a profile and breaking the ice with someone before actually meeting them in person. However, in order to make yourself stand out from the rest, you need something interesting on your profile that will make people click and check out your profile. That is where avatars come into picture. They are very important nowadays for attracting people to get in touch and possibly meet for a hookup.

How Avatars Make a Difference

            There are numerous reasons in favor of using avatars while being on a hookup dating site. Using avatar as a profile picture can make a huge difference. Many studies have shown that those people that use interesting avatars have significant advantage over those that do not. Avatars make users more likely to be approached by someone interested in hookup. This is because avatars give impression that the person behind them is an interesting one. Usually avatars represent the online persona of the user, so other people at the dating site get the first impression about someone through them.

            Nobody wants to see an empty profile on a hookup dating site. Empty profiles are big turnoff as you never know who is behind them and how they look. However, if you put an avatar behind your username on the dating site, you instantly become recognizable and more attractive for other users. Dating sites like Meet N Fuck App and Selfie Swiper are two examples of dating sites that have an avatar feature. People also use avatars because most of them do not feel comfortable to use their real pictures. Avatar can serve as good way to break the ice and remove shyness before sharing more personal information with someone.

            Another reason why many people use avatars as their profile picture on hookup dating sites is because many sites require them to do so. When you open your profile on a hookup dating site you are usually required to pick a username, enter location, age, gender and use a picture. Due to the fact that many people want to remain anonymous when browsing for potential hookup partners, they choose to use avatars instead of a real picture. Besides, avatars are much better for hookup sites, because they guarantee full anonymity. If you do not want to reveal your full identity in order to protect yourself in the online world, then using an avatar as a profile picture is a good thing to do.