Nebulous cell game


Nebulous: Big things eat little things is a mobile game that was released in 2015. The game is also available on PC and Mac. The aim of the game is to grow your plasma blob by collecting other blobs which are spread randomly across the galaxy. You can eat other players and you need to avoid being eaten by player who are bigger than you. The end goal – become the largest blob in the game and stay in that position for as long as possible. Since its release the game has gown in popularity and proved addictive to many.

Within the game you can choose your own color scheme, select from one of 325 different skins and unlock achievements. Compete against up to 27 others on the server, or you can choose to team up and compete against rival clans.

Different game modes include FFA, FFA Time, Teams, Teams Time, Survival, Soccer, Domination, CTF and FFA Classic. If you really want to go crazy, activate Mayhem Mode.

The frustrating thing in this addictive game is growing your blob only to get eaten and have to start over. With the increasing popularity of Nebulous it is becoming harder to reach the top of the leader board.

The Nebulous Plasma Generator


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