Avatars for forums

Your avatar on a forum is the main way that people on your forum will recognize you and get a sense of your personality. After all, you can’t either show your face or use your tone of voice on a forum, and there are only so many different emotions. Therefore, designing a forum avatar is very important for establishing your internet presence. In this article, I will discuss some different options you can use when designing your avatar.

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Option 1: Use Your Face

You can use your face as an avatar. I don’t recommend that you use any more than a face on a forum, as you’ll usually be too small to see really. Don’t use your face if you want to stay completely anonymous. While a facial recognition search engine doesn’t exist yet, it will be one day and everything put up on the internet is there forever thanks to sites like archive.org.

When using your face, you should decide how professional you’d like to look. If you’re engaging in any professional activities, I’d suggest wearing a suit, so that you look as professional as possible. For other cases, wear clothing that best suits the personality you want to convey. If it is a sporting forum, wear sporting clothes, for example. You can easily create your own avatar from personal photo using avatar maker.

Option 2: Use Something Cool

In general, don’t prefer “cool” avatars. However, you can choose something cool, if it does reflect something about your personality. For instance, if you are someone who is a little nebbish but good-hearted, an avatar of Martin from the Simpsons would be appropriate. Remember, though, that whatever you pick, the avatar represents you, not something you like.

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Option 3: Using Something Symbolic

If you wish, you can also pick something that symbolizes you. For instance, if you are on a religious forum and are devoted to Saint Francis, you could use a Franciscan cross. The alternative, if you have a family or clan crest, you could use that. Also, if you represent a particular company with a logo, you could use something that symbolizes your logo.

Be aware, though, that if you use something symbolic, you aren’t reflecting your personality as much anymore. However, when you use a symbol, it has the same effect as a crest on letterhead, making your posts seem more formal.

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Lastly, Avatars are good in forums because it helps us project our personality to other users in the community with the unique choice of avatar we have for us in the forum. We can design the avatars with the various image so that it matches our personality, looks, etc. the best part is that you don’t even have to show our real identity, so it gives us a sense of protection, owing to the number of a mishap happening due to identity loss on the internet.

They are a sure way to attract more traffic to the forum. It gives a sense of personalization, and hence they strongly feel being a part of the forum and tend to visit the forum with their avatar, thereby increasing the site traffic on the whole. Animated avatars are the most happening thing is most popular forums these days especially those of gaming. The avatars are designed so that the users feel themselves more like a part of the environment of that particular community.