Pokémon GO

pk go

Take a tour between the virtual and the real world of Pokémon with Pokémon GO for Android and iPhone mobile devices, and discover Pokémon in a whole new world of your own. The game, which is developed, built and owned by Niantic’s real world gaming platform, uses real world locations to inspire gamers to search longer distances in reality just to discover Pokémon.

Pokémon GO gives you a chance not just to find, but also to catch over one hundred Pokémon species as you journey around your surroundings.

The series of Pokémon video game uses real-world locations such as New York, Paris, and Hokkaido and Kanto areas in Japan as an inspiration for the make-believe or fancy settings in which it takes place.

How to play the game

Be on your feet and get outside to search and capture wild Pokémon. Voyage various cities and towns within your location or even around the world to catch as many Pokémon as you are capable of.

As you explore around, your Android or iPhone device will vibrate to notify you that you are near a Pokémon. And once you have confronted a Pokémon, take aim on your device’s touchscreen and throw a poke ball to capture the Pokémon. Be careful as you try to catch it because it might run and disappear.

You can also look for PokeStops, which are usually located in places of much interest such as monuments, historical markers, and public art installations. In these areas, you can collect extra Poke Balls among other items. Another method for obtaining extra Poke Balls is using pokemon go hack. Which works online and is tested to be producing positive results.

Customizing your trainer

The first time you get to play Pokémon GO, you get a chance to customize the appearance of your Trainer, selecting accessories as well as apparel to give him/her a trendy and funky look.

Adding your Pokedex

As a Trainer, you gain levels in Pokémon GO. And the higher levels you go, the more powerful Pokémon you need to capture to complete your Pokedex. Besides, you get access to more powerful items like great balls, so as to have better chances of catching Pokémon. It’s very straightforward and easy to raise your level – simply keep on journeying and encountering more Pokémon.

There are also other ways to add more Pokémon to your Pokedex. These are:

-By catching the same species of Pokémon several times, you get a chance to evolve any one of them.

-As you wander around, you are likely to find Pokémon eggs at the different PokeStops. The eggs will hatch after you have traversed a particular distance. The hatched eggs may give you a Pokémon or Pokémon you have never had before.

-Some Pokémon will only appear when you are in some locations. For instance, Water-type Pokémon appears only near water bodies. So, always stay alerted even when you are away from home.

Join a team and battle

At a given point in the game, you will be requested to join any of the three teams. Once you have acceded to a team, you will have the ability to assign the Pokémon you have captured to open a Gym or Gym locations where your team has also assigned a Pokémon. Gyms, just like PokeStops can be found in real world locations. Bear in mind that a team member can only place a single Pokémon at a particular Gym. This means you must work together with your team members to build a strong defense.

If an opposing team claims a Gym, you will challenge it using the Pokémon you have captured to battle the defending Pokémon. Pokémon battles are usually challenging but fun because you select which of your Pokémon is to join the battle. A Pokémon has only two attacks, and it can challenge attacks from the defending Pokémon if you swipe it either to the right or left.

If your Pokémon wins the battle, the prestige of the Gym is reduced, and if it drops to zero, you or your team member take control of the Gym because the defending team loses its control of the same Gym. You or your team member can then raise the Gym’s prestige and level by battling out the defending Pokémon.

The Pokémon GO Plus device

This is a portable device that enables you to enjoy playing without even looking at your phone. You just connect the device to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Using LED and vibration, the device notifies you about events such as the appearance of Pokémon nearby in the game.

Photo Fun

Once you have encountered a Pokémon in the wilderness, you can turn on the camera feature and capture the moment and share with your friends and other Pokémon GO enthusiasts.

The new Pokémon update

Pokemon GO mobile game is hot once again. A week ago, Niantic Labs rolled out an updated Pokémon GO game, introducing an additional 80 Pokémon for players to capture. These characters, which were originally discovered in the Gold and Silver Pokémon games, and launched for the Nintendo’s game boy color in the year 2000, include creatures like Cyndaquil, Chikorita, and Totodile.

Along with the updated Pokémon, Niantic Labs added some different game mechanics that include berries, boosting the amount of candy; a feature dishes out upon capture or to reduce their speed, thus making it easier to snag them. They have also tweaked the game’s interface so as to make it simpler and easier to swap between the various poke balls or berries.


This new update also appears to have sparked new interest in the Pokémon game that morphed into a phenomenon when it was first released last summer. This saw Pokémon GO app jump ranks from the 77th most popular mobile app on Google Play to third just in three days.

Hill Climb Racing 2


This is probably the most addictive and enjoyable physics-based video game. It comprises of several fascinating features.

Guess what? Newton Bill has made a grand comeback. He is ready to fight against the whole world because he’s managed to travel to destinations that no other ride has ever been to.

You’ll pleasantly discover how captivating the game is when you encounter unique challenges in absolutely unique settings with a wide range of cars.

When you defeat your adversaries, you’ll be rewarded with huge bonuses, which will effectively encourage you to reach higher positions. Newton Bill successfully goes against laws of physics and doesn’t lie down to rest until all the enemies are completely defeated.

Apart from racing, Bill also finds time to surmount hills.

Features of the game

The physics-based video game boasts of the following exceptional features:

1. A wide range of vehicles that have unique tuning options.

2. Specially designed to look great on both high-resolution and low-resolution devices.

3. Tunable parts such as engine, Four-wheel-drive, suspension as well as tires.

4. Graphics have been significantly enhanced.

5. Physics has been smoothly simulated.

6. Wide range of environments.

The video game is absolutely free to play. However, optional in-application purchases are also available. Also, there some great sources available online for free hill climb racing 2 hack.

It was officially released on Google Play Store on 28th November 2016. Similarly, the iOS version was launched at about the same time.

This is an exceptional sequel because it carries over the original game’s acrobatic driving challenge. Additionally, there’s great improvement on nearly every aspect. There are tighter controls and more details in the graphics. The new customizations as well as multi-player modes enhance the game from an infrequent diversion to a cycle that is not only progress focused, but also reward laden and hard to nail down.

The game play hasn’t really changed. Typically, a player is required to take control of a vehicle as it travels along a road full of hills and bumps. The gas and brake pedals are the only inputs that are available to you. You must make good use of these pedals to climb up giant inclines, go down steep hills and also maneuver through several other obstacles such as logs and rocky crevices.

Since your vehicle is lightweight and not subject to the force of gravity, you are at liberty to pop wheelies, flip over and even fly in the air. If you perform any of these tricks, you’ll be instantly rewarded with bonuses. However, your run will be no more if or when your head accidentally touches the ground.

Even though the controls are limited, the level of skills and number of strategies needed to make quick progress are many. The wide range of skills and strategies can enable you climb hills. Additionally, they can prevent toppling over.

More often than not, you’ll be compelled to change your trajectory in the middle of flights. For instance, when you’re crossing a wobbly bridge, you’ll be forced to strike a balance between the brake and gas pedals to effectively avoid somersaulting.

If you play Hill Climb-Racing 2, you’ll discover significant improvement in the handling. Even though the cars are barely grounded and bouncy, they are more conquerable and also consistent.

The addition of reward chests and décor are other significant changes made in the sequel. You can make Newton Bill wear different hats, heads, shirts or trousers. You’re also at liberty to change the wheels and color of vehicles. These aesthetic changes are very important since most players spend lots of time looking at the vehicle as well as character.

The race model is the ultimate feature that makes Hill Climb-Racing 2 substantially better than its predecessor. The game has an Adventure Mode that gives you the liberty of driving endlessly until the fuel runs out or you get involved in a car crash. It has a new Cups Mode that encourages you to compete against other players in finite races. Since ghosts of other people exist, it’s not mandatory for you to wait until the lobby completely fills up.

If you win cups and move up the ranks, you’ll successfully gain access to new environments as well as new vehicles to tackle and purchase respectively.

In the original game, you could only unlock a few cars. The customizations and environments were also few. However, in Hill Climb-Racing 2, there are numerous customizations and environments that can be unlocked and/or explored.

In the previous game, a player could derive great pleasure from bouncing over hills, crashing into huge logs, overtaking other racers and also testing how much the car could endure. Hill Climb-Racing 2 gives you these and much more. You can dress up Bill Newton, unlock new environments and ranks or make use of the wide range of vehicles that have unique tuning options. The new game is simply fascinating.

Nebulous cell game


Nebulous: Big things eat little things is a mobile game that was released in 2015. The game is also available on PC and Mac. The aim of the game is to grow your plasma blob by collecting other blobs which are spread randomly across the galaxy. You can eat other players and you need to avoid being eaten by player who are bigger than you. The end goal – become the largest blob in the game and stay in that position for as long as possible. Since its release the game has gown in popularity and proved addictive to many.

Within the game you can choose your own color scheme, select from one of 325 different skins and unlock achievements. Compete against up to 27 others on the server, or you can choose to team up and compete against rival clans.

Different game modes include FFA, FFA Time, Teams, Teams Time, Survival, Soccer, Domination, CTF and FFA Classic. If you really want to go crazy, activate Mayhem Mode.

The frustrating thing in this addictive game is growing your blob only to get eaten and have to start over. With the increasing popularity of Nebulous it is becoming harder to reach the top of the leader board.

The Nebulous Plasma Generator


The hack specialists created the Nebulous hack to help players save money by not having to make in game purchases.The hack was designed for educational purposes and will help players who are addicted to Nebulous. The Nebulous Plasma Generator is a hack which allows players to move through the game faster. The free hack provides players with unlimited plasma and you can use the Nebulous Plasma Generator straight away to get unlimited plasma. By using the Nebulous hack, players are able to reach higher levels and collect new skins.


Security is only guaranteed if you use their original hack. Their server is protected with industry standard security tools, so there is no chance of online hackers or viruses. The hack is managed by Google Services so is Malware free. Unlike many other hacks it does not involve apk files or request administrative access.

The Nebulous hack allows players to hack any never Nebulous Server Region. The Nebulous Plasma Generator is easy to use. Lots of game hacks require coding or advanced computing skills, but the Nebulous hack does the job for you. The Nebulous hack software is online so players don’t even have to install it onto their computers. Nebulous hack uses a complicated algorithm that connects to the server using proxies. Because the hack tool is server based and encrypted, a player’s identity remains secure and anonymous.


To use the Nebulous Plasma Generator players need open the hack tool and enter their email address. The tool connects directly with the game’s servers and players can then choose the resources they want. An email address is only required to enable identification of the player’s account, passwords are not required. The rest is done by the tool.


Compatible with both iOS and Anroid this means that the hack can run on your Android Phone, iPhone and iPad as long as you have an internet connection.


The number of resources is unlimited. By using the Nebulous Plasma Generator players can generate unlimited plasma and skins. With the Nebulous Plasma Generator players can now own all the plasma and progress through the game further as well as saving themselves money. By moving through the game players begin to enjoy Nebulous even more. The Nebulous Plasma Generator allows players to unlock new plasma every day. To unlock skins players choose the unlock skins option.


The Nebulous hack bot software is going to be updated weekly and like the hack, updates will be free of charge. The Nebulous hack software was not developed for misuse. The hack tool promises that it will never be out of date and that if there are any updates made in the game of Nebulous the Nebulous Plasma Generator will be updated to reflect these changes.


For players who have been playing Nebulous for a while, or new players, the Nebulous Plasma Generator will enhance the game of Nebulous and provide advantages at difficult challenges allowing you to make progress in the game where you would never would have before. Nebulous hack will bring more enjoyment to the game and allow players to play the addictive game of Nebulous for longer.

Steam avatars

Steam as we know it is a design from Valve Corporation which has gradually crept up top deservedly to become one of the largest digital distribution platforms in the globe. Steam has made a reputation among the online gaming community for the realism of its avatars. Most especially the uniqueness of your very avatar which with steam gaming technology, you can precisely design to reflect you in entirety. And with the recent bursts in technology, online gaming has taken a new trend it has gone largely communal as with steam avatars you can communicate with a broad community of fellow gamers. The place of steam avatars in online gaming gets adorned with other steam supported features like cloud saving, enhanced with the functionality of interacting via chat with gaming colleagues.

steam pikachu steam penguin steam cat steam anonymous play pearl jam monster ghost facecartoon cards bear batman breaking bad girl

Now talking precisely about steam, STEAM as we said is fundamentally an online community where people play different computer games with the use of avatars. So we shall further this discussion by taking the term steam avatars to mean avatars that are used in the steam online community. We shall also include in our discussion, an analysis of the steam community itself, with a view to creating an area of overlap between steam avatars and the steam community.

Online games across the years have gotten immersed in the engaging and interactive excitement peculiar to the steam community especially with the use of steam avatars. In this community, a user is required to create a profile; after which the player creates an avatar for himself. Through this avatar one is able to join groups of similar players, and chat with other people who also have an avatar. Before looking into how steam community avatars are created, we shall examine the purpose they serve.

Not many would love to use their real pictures for playing online games in platforms like steam. Therefore it is necessary that a mechanism is developed to make a good virtual representation that will bear some semblance to the actual persons. This is achieved by letting people choose avatars they feel best to describe their physical appearance and psychological make-up. For instance, one who considers himself to be fearsome might decide to choose an avatar that looks like a tiger.

These days, avatars can be automatically generated. Some forums, however, allow users to make use of their personally generated avatars. There are a number of ways to do this. Some sites require that one sends one`s picture to them, and accompany it with other information, and this is used to create the desired avatar. Other forms may require users to choose from a list of automatically generated and unique avatars. The steam community allows users to upload their own avatars provided the avatars do not violate the rules of the steam community. These avatars are not to be offensive, vulgar or exceed a size of 1024kb. Steam avatars can be removed by the community if they are inappropriate, or willingly, by the users.

In conclusion, the whole essence of avatars is to create some form of virtual reality for the users. It also gives room for more privacy and enhances online safety. Avatars are designed to represent the individual’s personality. This may be a cause for concern as avatars can always be changed.

Cartoon avatars

If you are on social media at all, or pay any attention to it, you will see that it seems like there are cartoon avatars everywhere you look today. They can seem just about as realistic as the person sitting next to you, or be as imaginary as a science fiction character, but they really are everywhere. Popular sites like Bitmoji, Mii and Cartoon.Pho.To have been trending in top usage rankings for years. But what makes them so darned popular?

In this world of selfies and the two second photo shoots, it is accepted, and expected really, for you to have your face plastered all over your social media sites. Some people are not comfortable with themselves in photos, though, and using a cartoon avatar that looks similar to their real person is a way to fit in but avoid the actual photo shoot. Others just love the fun and creativity of designing their avatar in a way that brings excitement, color and interest to their life.

In general, the avatars look similar to the person creating them because there really are a limited number of types of face and body shapes, so if the app you are using is sophisticated enough to include a good mix of these choices, you can easily find your characteristics without searching too hard. If you are honest with yourself about what you actually look like, you can create an avatar that resembles you pretty accurately. Bitstrips, through their new app Bitmoji, accomplishes this pretty well, as attested to by their millions of users.

For whatever reason, cartoon avatar design has become a multi-million dollar business, growing exponentially over the last five years and still rising. So how can you join in on this train?

First, you have to find a site or an app that interests you. This is harder than it sounds, since there are so many and their products are so varied. Depending on what you want your avatar to do or look like, you will have to search around for the app that is right for you.

Some sites are simply animated head shots, like Manga Avatar Face Maker and Portrait Illustration Maker. These apps will give you cartoon choices of hair color, skin color, eye color, glasses, and a few more basic options. You will not get an extremely realistic creation, but if someone looks hard enough and you did it right, they could probably guess which one was you.

Other sites, like anime character creator, Cartoon.Pho.To, Cartoonize, and BeFunky, take your actual uploaded photos and apply cartoonish characteristics to them, keeping the overall design but adding that caricature effect that makes it comedic or surreal.

Then you have the extreme sites, where you can design your avatar based on your interests. Mess Dudes gives you the opportunity to create funny and silly avatars that you can use in online networking. Build Your Wild Self lets you combine your body parts with those of animals like insects and birds. Another unique app, South Park Studios, lets you create your own South Park-style avatars for your display pic.

Whatever your extreme interests are, you can use them to help define your cartoon avatar. Surely there’s an app for that somewhere, and if not, you can always work on designing your own!

Avatars for forums

Your avatar on a forum is the main way that people on your forum will recognize you and get a sense of your personality. After all, you can’t either show your face or use your tone of voice on a forum, and there are only so many different emotions. Therefore, designing a forum avatar is very important for establishing your internet presence. In this article, I will discuss some different options you can use when designing your avatar.

snoop dog tiger picolo pika pilot party ice age duck girl breaking bad batman astronaut alert doge blue dragon

Option 1: Use Your Face

You can use your face as an avatar. I don’t recommend that you use any more than a face on a forum, as you’ll usually be too small to see really. Don’t use your face if you want to stay completely anonymous. While a facial recognition search engine doesn’t exist yet, it will be one day and everything put up on the internet is there forever thanks to sites like archive.org.

When using your face, you should decide how professional you’d like to look. If you’re engaging in any professional activities, I’d suggest wearing a suit, so that you look as professional as possible. For other cases, wear clothing that best suits the personality you want to convey. If it is a sporting forum, wear sporting clothes, for example. You can easily create your own avatar from personal photo using avatar maker.

Option 2: Use Something Cool

In general, don’t prefer “cool” avatars. However, you can choose something cool, if it does reflect something about your personality. For instance, if you are someone who is a little nebbish but good-hearted, an avatar of Martin from the Simpsons would be appropriate. Remember, though, that whatever you pick, the avatar represents you, not something you like.

boot and ball flipper old dog lion panda blue

Option 3: Using Something Symbolic

If you wish, you can also pick something that symbolizes you. For instance, if you are on a religious forum and are devoted to Saint Francis, you could use a Franciscan cross. The alternative, if you have a family or clan crest, you could use that. Also, if you represent a particular company with a logo, you could use something that symbolizes your logo.

Be aware, though, that if you use something symbolic, you aren’t reflecting your personality as much anymore. However, when you use a symbol, it has the same effect as a crest on letterhead, making your posts seem more formal.

umbrella gate spider batman biohazard anarchy

Lastly, Avatars are good in forums because it helps us project our personality to other users in the community with the unique choice of avatar we have for us in the forum. We can design the avatars with the various image so that it matches our personality, looks, etc. the best part is that you don’t even have to show our real identity, so it gives us a sense of protection, owing to the number of a mishap happening due to identity loss on the internet.

They are a sure way to attract more traffic to the forum. It gives a sense of personalization, and hence they strongly feel being a part of the forum and tend to visit the forum with their avatar, thereby increasing the site traffic on the whole. Animated avatars are the most happening thing is most popular forums these days especially those of gaming. The avatars are designed so that the users feel themselves more like a part of the environment of that particular community.